Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Beauty 3

Having discovered my wonderful Conway Stewart pencil, I sent a picture of Nippy No 3 to a fellow collector. He promptly pointed out an equally stunning looking Wahl Eversharp pencil on eBay. Life took a turn for the worse.

New Zealand is one of those places where eBay was a failure. They started up here quite a few years ago with much hype and hoopla, ready to take over the country. A little while ago they quietly gave up and closed down their local site. Local NZ based auction sites have virtually all of our online activity, in fact trading on eBay is fairly rare, whereas trading on the local sites is commonplace.

Personally I had never eBay-ed, until that fateful day I saw this Wahl Eversharp, a model 4112TC from the 1932 catalogue.
I was consumed; held in thrall by that tool of the Devil, eBay! Obsession took over. That pencil would be mine! So, shortly afterwards I celebrated my Pyrrhic victory with the ritual chopping off of an arm and a leg to pay for it all. Thankfully I have now got my addiction slightly more under control.

Some say that the Devil wears Prada, well I’m pretty sure he signs those contracts with a Conway Stewart, or an Eversharp!

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