Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ten Thousand

It appears there is some sort of a tradition of saying something when your blog gets to 10,000 hits, so here are a few words seeing I’ve reached that mark.

I’m not entirely sure why I started this blog, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. I sort of thought that people shopping for mechanical pencils (or pens) might search around looking for reviews, and find some interest in my thoughts on the various pencils I own. In my mind I had an expectation of about 50 hits a week, so I am rather surprised to often get ten times that many. Although I’m writing this blog for my own personal purposes, it is nice to know that someone actually reads it and gets something out of it. So thanks to all of you out there who read this, I really appreciate your comments and emails. And thanks also to all of you who have linked me on your own sites; again it’s much appreciated.

So what does the free site meter tell me about you! Not much, but here’s a few snippets.

About 70% of you are in the USA, 7% in Canada, 7% in the UK, 1 or 2% each in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Poland. The rest are everywhere else. Most of you surf the net during working hours. Not much action after-hours or on the weekend! About 30% of you click through from Pencil Revolution, 30% come in direct, 20% from Google searches and the rest click through from other sites and other search engines. I guesstimate there are about 150 of you who are regular (i.e. weekly) readers.
  • Most unusual search to find this blog? From a Finnish Military IP address, in English, “mechanical pencil for military person not Russian”. I repeated this search on Google and my review of Caran d’Ache Varius Ivanhoe was result “1 of about 1,430,000”. (Hmmm…you know how I like my lateral links, so I’ve never been to Finland, but I’ve had a few Finns as house guests, and as a young boat-building apprentice my father was lucky enough to tour that magnificent vessel, New Zealand’s war prize, the Finnish tall ship Pamir.)
  • Largest single visit? From IP address “Houston Area League of PC Users” for 78 page views over a 2 hour, 34 minute and 44 second visit. All from a Google search of “lead refills and 1.2mm”. I hope you enjoyed your visit! (Well I’ve never been to Texas, but I have been on board the guided-missile cruiser USS Texas, so maybe that sort of counts?)
  • Most common entry pages for pencil reviews – Pentel Sharp P205, Pentel Sharp Kerry P1035 and Retro 51 Tornado.
OK, onwards and upwards. So many pencils to buy and use, so little money!


pigpogm said...

So that's about 700 from the UK?


Hi. I think that might be me.

Kiwi-d said...

Well you could well be number one from the UK, but there's a lot of hits from multiple UK ISP's - Blueyonder, NTL, Newnet, Scansafe, Force9/PlusNet, etc.
But maybe it is all one person trying to hide his internet usage from his wife by using multiple ISP's?

pigpogm said...

Of course not ;)

Only the ntl ones are me. You'll spot a pattern - a bunch of hits from an ntl IP address, followed by a suspiciously familiar update appearing on PigPog.

Anonymous said...

You have a fun site, Dave! Which tells you what an office supply geek I've become. I've learned quite a bit here. Your entertaining and informative entries have kept me coming back ... and, apparently, coming back ...and, by last count, still coming back. And apparently I'm not alone. Nice work, pardner! Keep 'em coming!

Kiwi-d said...

Hi Big M, I guess you are the HAL PC user? Anyway, thanks for the comments. You know I think the desire to accumulate office supplies is nearly universal. One of the guys at work resigned a while ago, and today was his last day. When he left it was vultures attacking his desk to get the pick of the office supplies from his desk! Seems everyone wants to have a well stocked desk. And its only a short step from accumulating to collecting.