Sunday, May 26, 2019

Scripto Kingsmark

Here's a very nice ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil set by Scripto.  In original box with instruction sheet / guarantee and price tag. Quite thin and lightweight, but metal construction. Cisele pattern engraved body. The mechanical pencil is a screw mechanism, 0.9mm lead.
scripto kingsmark mechanical pencil and pen

I don't know much about Scripto, but I assume this would have been one of their top end products, and I guess it dates to around the 1970's. The $10.00 price tag would have been a substantial investment back in the day.

scripto kingsmark pen pencil set

Also on Scripto related matters,  a pencil-pal sent me the below photos of his recently acquired Scripto.
It is unusual in that it has two erasers, the larger of which is permanently exposed. It has a twist mechanism to propel and retract, and uses a 0.9 mm lead. Any information about model name/number, date of manufacture, etc would be appreciated.

Happy penciling to you all.


George Clements said...

Thanks for featuring the pictures of the Scripto pencil I sent to you some time ago. I have subsequently bought several more, and have found that there are numerous variations of the basically similar pencil. Some have only one eraser, some have nozzles that unscrew and others don't, the clips vary, the inner barrels are different on some - with some being more satisfactory than others as the twist action can easily fail on the ones without ridges. Overall, the pencils are good to use, but the mechanisms are fragile, and I would discourage anyone from keeping spare leads in the barrel: on ones that I have dismantled, the whole centre section is plastic and turns within the barrel, which means that any spare leads rub against the inner face of the barrel when the operational lead is propelled or retracted and lead dust can accumulate. I suspect that the specification of the pencils changed over time to make production cheaper, with reduced quality and durability, but, as I said, I would appreciate information about the model if anyone has it.

Shrimpram said...

Gonna leave a comment on this post as it's newer, but for your pencil desk display and lead desk display what is the name of the actual display? I was looking to buy one for myself, and those look pretty nice.

Kiwi-d said...

@Shrimpram. There are lots of sellers on eBay. Just search for pen display stand, cosmetic display stand, lipstick display, etc and you will get lots of options.

Kelvin Pang said...

Beautiful 70s vibes! I've seen Japanese collectors call this a 'lattice pattern' but this is the first time I've heard this called Cisele pattern.

Kelvin Pang said...
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