Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Few Fabers

On my desk display this week, a few from Faber-Castell

Twice multi pen  (1 x BP, 1 x MP tip)
TK Fine Vario L
TK Fine Executive

I often think that the TK Fine Executive and Vario L are the "Forgotten Fabers". They have been around for so long and never seem to get the hype, advertising, acknowledgement or attention of their constantly changing array of competitors from Japan and elsewhere.

Sometimes you just have to lay down some ink. Don't hate on me, the G-man makes me do it !
FP e-motion pearwood dark brown
BP e-motion pearwood dark brown
MP e-motion pearwood black


Germ said...

i do like a good faber. but, still partial to pentel. imagine that?


Kelvin Pang said...

The TK fine vario L is a handsome design, but I do find the lead hardness indicator a tad loose. It never stays in place when I pluck it out of my pen case. In the end, I took it apart and gave it a slight squeeze to deform the circular profile. After that, it gripped the shaft much better.