Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Social Slencil Mechanical Pencil

The Magnificent Seven - Part 5

The Social Slencil Mechanical Pencil

by Pencil Paul

The SOCIAL SLENCIL, mechanical pencil invention and lifelong work of Carl C Harris.

The pencil shown is a recent introduction to the Slencil line for me. I could not resist the central lead advance wheel coupled with the slightly Buck Rogers styling. The first models were introduced in 1933 and named the Stag, my pencil as shown is the later Social Slencil, copyright shows 1945 on the paperwork. Running alongside the pencil range were companion slim notepads also produced by The Slencil Company of Orange, Mass, U.S.A, and when you consider the bulk and fuss of carrying a fountain pen and address book of the period it all makes very good sense - a place to record the date of the Pony Club Diner & Dance or a swift note home to the folks from the front line. The super little Social Slencil, the way to take notes long before the advent of the personal electronic PA, barely 115mm long and approx. 2mm thick! The pencil is loaded by inserting 1mm lead into the nose point and pressing it into the clutch mechanism, then it can be adjusted by means of the centre wheel. The eraser is inside the end removable cap along with storage space for spare leads. That this tiny item of engineering was a success is born out by the fact that the company is still going strong producing new plastic versions of TOMORROW'S PENCIL.

social slencil mechanical pencil
Social Slencil Mechanical Pencil


bjw_draw said...

this is a delightful find. Thanks for sharing it :)

Pencil Paul said...

Hi bonnie jean woolger , Thanks for your comment, its a pleasure to share with such an interested and informed bunch of people, All the Best

Anonymous said...

I have a Slencil! Clever little pencil. The advancing mechanism stopped working properly on me, though.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave,

I think the "Stag" was Slencil's name for the earliest of the larger, boxy plastic Slencils with conventional drives. Some of them are so marked on the clip. For more information, there's a Slencil selection at the Leadhead's Pencil Blog.

-Jon Veley