Tuesday, April 12, 2011

iPhone Pocket Sketches Notebook

iPhone Pocket Sketches Notebook

Picture the group of tech-savvy folk at the cafĂ©, enjoying their cappuccino and witty repartee when suddenly a light bulb goes off. Ah-ha, a great new idea for an iPhone app! But how to capture the moment and develop it just that little further whilst it’s still fresh in the head and surrounded by inspirational people all eager to assist? Well thanks to Pocket Sketches, the new iPhone sketchbooks are at the ready - a small notebook with a real life size iPhone screen template printed on the page so you can draw and layout exactly how your app will display on an iPhone screen.

Light card cover with 16 pages stapled in.

The paper is printed with faint gridlines, with iPhone template superimposed on one side.

At 89 x 141mm overall size, the notebook is a little smaller than A6.

Well, I don’t actually have an iPhone, and I’m not a tech designer guy, so I just used it as a normal sort of notebook. It worked OK.

Inside front cover. A place to put your contact details so if lost the nice person can return it to you...or at least know whose app idea they are stealing.

Inside rear cover – just look at how much money my app is going to make for me!

The notebook isn’t particularly robust or durable, but then I imagine it is not intended to have a long life. It’s to replace serviettes, hamburger bags, used envelopes and all those other bits of scrap paper that get pressed into service when inspiration suddenly strikes. I haven't really had any expereince with highly specialised notebooks before so this was a novel experience for me, and it seems a really good idea for those in the mobile app industry.

To be honest I’m a little surprised the folk at Pocket Sketches sent me some samples, but for me the notebook was such a specialised and unusual concept that I was happy to accept and put a mini review on the blog. Being tech savvy folk they even included a little sheet suggesting keywords and links to put in the review to help their search engine results ranking.


Michael J Corry said...

There's something rather sweet about developing iphone apps on a piece of paper.

Kiwi-d said...

Yeah, that's what intrigued me.

Akis said...

Looks nice. Does it connect to Itunes? :)

Kiwi-d said...

Akis - now that was a genuine LOL. I don't think its got enough RAM or ROM to play music.

razide17 said...

Now some clever company will start making designer scratch resistant covers for these iPhone sketchbooks !

hsm shredders said...

@Akis lol I thought about making that comment but thought I was being silly!