Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Monteverde Grafica 5.6mm Leadholder

Monteverde Grafica 5.6mm Leadholder

After Vikrams leadholder articles, I thought I’d better just join in and show I’m not completely leadholder or clutch pencil-less. True, I don’t have many, but here’s the latest one I acquired. It tends to stand out from the crowd.

monteverde grafica leadholder
The Monteverde Grafica 5.6mm Pencil / Leadholder in the stained glass colourway. Other colour options, and ink options, are also available…well that should really be past tense as the Grafica is a ‘retried collection’ and no longer manufactured. Just FYI, Monteverde is a brand of Yafa Inc. of the USA.

Monteverde logo from the packaging
monteverde logo

Monteverde mountain logo on top cap

monteverde logo
"Monteverde USA" markings
The stained glass effect is embedded without borders, unlike stained glass lead light windows.
monteverde grafica stained glass leadholder

You do have some colour options in 5.6mm leads.
monteverde grafica coloured lead

The pocket clip has a rollerball on its end. It works well, pretty FAB.
monteverde rollerball pocket clip

Multi-toothed jaws. Push the top cap to open the jaws. There is a sharpener under the top cap.
leadholder jaws

I can imagine 5.6mm leadholders being suitable for some sketch artists and making rough layout drawings, etc.
moteverde grafica leadholder cartoon

At the end of the day though, for me personally...5.6mm... the answer is yes.monteverde grafica 5.6mm leadholder


Dwscamel said...

The thickest lead I'd probably go for is 1.18 mm as in Yard-o-Leds . . . I always thought 2 mm was "too much," nevermind 5.6, but everything has its uses.

If nothing else, the barrel of the pencil looks great, and I can imagine it being comfortable to use/hold.

Nice of them to have offered a color lead option as well.

Vikram said...

This is awesome. Definitely would turn heads at school, not to mention wherever I go. Great pics too! Thanks Dave!

razide said...

It is an attention getting mech pencil. I think it may grow on you.
How long is the body ?
It looks really dumpy (in a nice sort of way)from the photos.

Kiwi-d said...

Hi razide - yes, dumpy in a nice sort of way is a good description. It is 102mm long.

Unknown said...

Dave, ur losing focus mate, rubbers, leadholders what's next paperclips and hole punches, get back to what you know and do extremely well, Pentel and drafting Pencils.


Kiwi-d said...

But I was told "variety is the spice of life"?

razide said...

Thanks Dave. 102mm is rather short for such a wide body pen. I expect it could be comfortably at home in a purse or man-bag!

The more reviews on Mech-pencils the better !
And please call them Clutch pencils rather than leadholders; they've got big clutching jaws. I think of a Leadholder as a thing to hold really short pencils in.

Kiwi-d said...

Well I've kind of bowed to global standardisation and called them leadholders. I prefer clutch pencils.

Michael J Corry said...

They'll always be clutch pencils to me.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I really appreciate the variety of products being covered. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Chris from Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful leadholder- I tried this
monteverde- the 5.6mm
and its amazing. A solid pencil that even had other color leads like yellow, red and green.
Definitely worth every penny!
melissa from toronto.

Anonymous said...

Merry christmas to you btw Dave. Great blog - about something I'm almost as geeky about...

An element that you can't really fit in here (i don't know if you do any of it) is the level of usefulness to which 5.6mm leadholders are in drawing.

Don't waste all that lead either, I sharpen mine long and sand slightly to make use of (all)that surface... I load it up with either compressed charcoal leads, some conté-like chalk or some aquarelle I recently managed to get hold of. It makes a very decent little sketching tool which I'd pick over any standard mechanical. Best used in conjunction with a 3.15mm for refining details.

However - I don't think I've ever come across a 5.6mm leadholder that I'd use to write with.

My choice of 5.6's are a Woerther Compact and a David Hayward. Both excellent & always loaded differently.