Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pentel Excalibur Mechanical Pencils

Two Excaliburs

Sir Pencils11, Knight of the Quest, has supplied me a few Excaliburs lately.

Firstly in Regal Gold

pentel excalibur case

pentel excalibur gold pencil

pentel excalibur gold pencil crown

Secondly in Black with Gold Trims. Quite a contrast to the all gold version.
black and gold excalibur pencils

excalibur mechanical pencils plus blade

The golden crown.
excalibur pencil crown

Excalibur in regal gold or silver…that seems right…befitting a just and glorious Warrior-King like Arthur, but black? It looks great, but maybe they should have called it Mordred rather than Excalibur? Or what about The Black Prince?
pentel excalibur the black prince
The Black Prince’s sister?


Lexx said...

Haha, I agree with you on the names for the black one.Could call at least "Blacksword" or something, haha.

Btw, beautiful mechanical pencils.

Dwscamel said...

Surprisingly I like the gold one more, but they're both pretty fine-looking pencils :). Generous donations!

A review would be interesting but understandably such specimens would go straight to the collection case . . . then again, the black one is already a little scuffed up on the barrel, so it's the perfect candidate for review week.

It's a shame that other high-end Pentels like the Mechanica are made of mostly plastic though.

Michael J Corry said...

That's a mean looking pencil sharpener.

Time Waster said...

My Lancelot doesn't hold a candle to this

memm said...

The first picture did distract me very much from the Excalibur... Is River Cottage on telly in NZ?

Kiwi-d said...

Memm - yes, but I don't usually watch it.

Anonymous said...

is the excalibur in your top 5 then?


Kiwi-d said...

My Top 5 page finishes with this:-
"Finally, since there can be only ONE, and that’s the Pentel SG65 / Excalibur, it is excluded from the list."
So, yes, or yes and no if you like to interpret that way.

Anonymous said...

glad we cleared that up!!!


Anonymous said...

Pentel really should consider a reprise... NO Excalibur pencils on eBay at time of writing, 2010-07-29. Just four other Pentel Excalibur lots, all rollerball.
- PointFour

Penmaniacs said...

have you tried the lancelot

Kiwi-d said...

Lancelot - yes, I've got one. Have to review it one day :-)

Anonymous said...

That black Excalibur looks exactly like this Pentel 7 pencil I got off eBay, just with a glossy finish instead of matte.