Thursday, March 18, 2010


Lately I've been spending heaps of time on behind the scenes blog housekeeping stuff e.g. transfering all my DMP Organiser blog content back to this blog, and on projects like the Top 10 lists.

Just some information for any of you who use Firefox and have trouble commenting on Blogger blogs like this one, one common cause is that you are not allowing third-party cookies, so if you change your security setting to allow third-party cookies then you will probably be able to comment on blogs.

The link has been in the sidebar for a while, and I think the site is still under construction, but whats currently up is mighty impressive. Check the Eversharp section of Online Pencil Museum. I am filled with awe and tinged with envy.


Time Waster said...

I use Opera probs with firefox and IE doens't work with Windows 7 =)

Bob said...

The Online Pencil Museum looks like it will be awesome. As a side note I loved the comment on the Parker section:

"If they quit making gasoline, you wouldn't use the last tank in your '69 Camaro going back and forth to the grocery, would you?"

If only I could find $30,000 to buy one and have to decide!!

2nd_astronaut said...

These eversharp skylines are impressive >:-0