Thursday, September 27, 2007

Advertisement 3 - Alexander 1946

Here’s another ad that Glen sent me. From Colliers Magazine, 6 September 1946 advertising the “Alexander the Great” pencil. Some of the text reads “Start school with an ‘A’. ‘A’ for Alexander the Great pencil for only $1. The only all metal pencil with Long thin leads, ‘Big Inch’ adjustable eraser, Spring-steel gold plated clip” Later on we are advised to ask to also see the Commentator pen & pencil set $8.75 (no luxury tax) and the Imperator pencil $5 (plus luxury tax), which are also available in leading Canadian stores at slightly higher prices. Poor old Canadians have to pay extra.

Alexander pens…pencils ‘write around the world’.

I hadn’t previously heard of the Alexander Manufacturing Co. Bloomington, Illinois.

If you are an old-time US tax expert then tell us about "luxury tax". I suppose that depending on your marketing plan, attracting luxury tax might be a good thing. Imagine the insult of Mont Blanc or Cartier producing a fancy pencil that wasn't eligible for luxury tax.

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