Sunday, October 07, 2007

90 Minutes To Go

OK, I have reset the publish date on this posting to promote it to the top again.
07 October
Well I was happy enough to put my predictions up for all to see, so now it’s time to face the music. I woke up to the astonishing news that England had beaten Australia in their quarter-final, and I didn’t like that as an omen. I guess I got my NZ v France score prediction half right, France did get 20 points...
01 October
Overall I've been pretty happy with my match score predictions so far. However I got the results of Pool D, the so-called "Pool of Death", wrong. I picked France to win and Ireland to come second, with Argentina, Georgia and Namibia thus being eliminated. However, I seriously understimated Argentina, and over estimated France and Ireland. So, with Argentina winning, and France runner-up, Ireland have been eliminated and the All Blacks will play France in the quarter-final. This is a concern, as us Kiwis are permanently worried by Gallic unpredictability.

*********ORIGINAL POSTING******************
The day is finally here. The Rugby World Cup starts in France, in just under 90 minutes time. Time to put a stake in the ground and make a prediction. So here's my version of the future for my team.

Pool Play
NZ beat Italy, 70 - 7. (Actual result 76 - 14)
NZ beat Portugal, 120-0. (Actual result 108 - 13)
NZ beat Scotland, 55 - 6. (Actual result 40 - 0)
NZ beat Romania, 70 - 6. (Actual result 85 - 8)

Quarter Final
NZ beat Ireland, 50 - 10.
New prediction, NZ beat France, 40 - 20. (Actual result 18 - 20, to France)

Semi Final
NZ beat Australia, 35 - 24.

NZ beat South Africa, 27 - 23.

Well, thats how I see things going anyway. Time will tell.


Unknown said...

Not a bad prediction on the NZL/ITA score but I still hear the sound of choking. I'm predicting AUS squeaking its way to the title.

Kiwi-d said...

Gargles, tongue depressers, decongestants, and other such anti-choking aids are all in good supply.

Unknown said...

LOL. Ironically, I happened to be in Hong Kong for work in 2005 where I watched Fiji beat NZ in the Rugby Sevens World Cup. Of course, the purists would run me out of town by mentioning that redheaded stepchild version but it has its appeal.

Unknown said...

I won't rub it in because AUS lost as well.

Kiwi-d said...

Truely this World Cup is turning things on their heads. Pre-tournament i can't believe anyone would have seriously suggested the 4 semi-finalists would be England, France, South Africa & Argentina. But thats sport for ya!

Unknown said...

Indeed. I don't even think South Africa is safe from a major upset but I think it's still theirs to lose.