Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rubber grips Part 2

There is nothing like putting your opinions up on the web for the world to see, to make you then question your own opinions and think again. Anyone who has read this blog knows I am not keen on pens and pencils with rubber grips. A few readers have suggested I "think again", and since writing my Rubber Grips posting I have felt less and less secure in my aversion to them. Also I am well aware that by avoiding rubber grips I am avoiding a significant percentage of pencils out there, and that despite my aversion, I actually have got quite a few pencils with rubber grips! (Gulp – serious lack of credibility issues here!).

So, for the past month I have been undergoing an intensive programme of “rubber grip re-alignment therapy”. Classical elements of Pavlovian and Systematic Desensitisation. Whenever I have bad thoughts about rubber grips I stick a fork in the nearest electrical outlet socket, that’s 240 volts of “don’t think bad about rubber grips ever again”; and when I imagine something nice about rubber grips I reward myself with a cool healing draught of fine ale. Also there’s the programme of acclimatisation, slowly introducing rubber grips into everyday use - first I visualise being in the same room as a bunch of pencils with rubber grips, then…

But seriously, I have been making an effort to be more open minded and to "think again" about rubber grips. So, coming up will be reviews of a few pencils with rubber grips, working my way up to the much vaunted Sensa, King of the Rubber Grips.

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