Friday, March 17, 2006

Review Process & Price Ranges

Review Process
Just so it’s clear, this is basically how I do my reviews.

  1. I own the pencil in question, unless I make it clear that I don’t. There are no rewards involved, this is purely a “labour of love”.
  2. I use the pencil for a reasonable period of time. Usually I use it in my office at work for a full week. So obviously there aren’t many “new” pencils in my collection. I do try and take good care of them, so basically they are all “near new”, “excellent”, or some other such description.
  3. I make notes during the evaluation period and write them up afterwards. I’m not trying to fully describe and review every detail of the pencil and its construction. There are manufacturers and retailers sites that have that sort of information. I am trying to give some idea about the things I like and don’t like about the pencil, (and why), along with some general information.
  4. I try to be impartial, objective, and all those sorts of things, but you will have to be the judge of how well I succeed at that.

Price Ranges
Just to give some idea of the price of a pencil, I include a price range. These are just rough guides only, based on an average price from a quick search of online retailers. The ranges are, in US$:
$0 – 3 Economy
$3-15 Low
$15 – 50 Mid
$50 – 150 High
$150+ Stratospheric

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Jessi said...

Love your page. Any possibility of you reviewing the history of Papermate pacers. Am after a specific one I lost in my childhood days.