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Friday, November 07, 2008


Blogger have just released a new feature called Reactions. They describe it thus:

One of our goals at Blogger is to make it easy for authors to get feedback on
their content; we believe that authors are driven in part by the reactions and
criticisms offered by their readers, and that these interactions enhance the
quality of blog content. In support of this effort, we're launching Reactions,
simple annotations chosen by authors and given by readers.

I am currently pondering where this blog is heading and what the heck I’m doing with it so this Reactions sort of struck a chord with me and I’m introducing it and would thus appreciate you hitting a Reaction button or two along the way. Feel free to comment about whether the Reactions things is good or bad, and possible Reaction options - i just went with Interesting, Good and Bad.

Blogger have also introduced Embedded Comments which I’m rather dubious about but thought I may as well give it a try so I have converted this blog to embedded comments. No more pop-up window for comments. Feel free to comment here about your preference for embedded or pop-up comments.


  1. I prefer embedded comments since I'm used to it. Besides that, the pop-up window has the annoying feature of being resized by JavaScript. Unfortunately, the resulting window is quite small so I am forced to alter the JavaScript options (Opera) or install an extension (Firefox).

  2. Reactions looks like an interesting addition from Blogger, borrowing slightly from social news sites like perhaps.

    Inline comments are the way to go.

    Keep it up, always enjoy new posts from you. Usually read through Google Reader.

  3. What fun it is to click the little box and see a tick appear inside of it.

    I like embedded comments better as well. I find them far less cumbersome.

  4. I know some people have had problems with the embedded comments not working. If they do, however, it's a better layout.

  5. Word. I totally agree that comments are the same as constructive criticism in some ways. It also helps, because then you don't feel as if you are spinning your wheels. Hmm...i resemble that remark. :)~~ LOL

  6. I prefer the status quo.

    Reactions: The easy one-click responses to an article seems a bit meaningless to me. I don't see the added value - I would much rather just read a real comment!

    Embedded Comments: The box seems to be re-sizable to offscreen areas in the Safari browser (which I sometimes use). That's bad.

    Also, the predecessor pop-up box communicated over an https (secure) connection. Probably not vital, but I liked that feature.

    In general I like the embedded comment concept, but this implementation doesn't seem to be an improvement on the Blogger predecessor.

  7. Well, I don't really know how much this means, but I came here to learn more about mechanical pencils. Reviews on pencils, erasers, and leads. After I bought my first mechanical pencil, aside from the BIC ones, a .5 Graphgear 1000, I was not disappointed.

    But mechanical pencils are a lot like cars, in the respect that their appearances serve dual purposes. To look sleek, or to be comfortable. Or attempt both. Either way, they both could look interesting.

    I've bought quite a few mechanical pencils since then, and, my view of this blog is different as well. Though I came here looking for a means to make a good buy, I stick around to see interesting. Sleek designs, unique concepts, what have you. Either way, I love reading about them, from someone who actually has a pretty good grip of what he talks about.

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  9. Thanks for your comments. Personally I prefer pop-up window comments, but seeing their seems to be some preference towards embedded I'll stick with that. No question that comment style should suit blog readers not blog author.

    At fisrt I thought Reactions was a good idea, but I'm already having second thoughts. Still, like Jess commented, I like clicking the little box. If Reactions reduced Comments that would be a really bad thing, but if Reactions are an addition to Comments then they should be good. I'll keep an open mind for a little longer :-)

  10. One thing about Comments is that they force the author to spell out what he means. It is this back and forth between the blogger and his readers which is most enlightening. To the extent that Reactions tempts the blog consumer away from posting his commentary because it is easier to checkmark a pigeonhole the option is a net minus for the blogosphere. No poll can capture the nuance and variability of opinion that exists on any subject. I am reminded every four years why I don't like polls.

    OTOH I'll wager Blogger has data which shows that Reactions is a net boon for quantity and quality of commentary (just ask them :>))). Judging by the responses so far on the potential value of Reactions to Dave's Mechanical Pencils the first thing that comes to mind is that it is a reliable indicator of interest in a given subject, not consensus (consensus comes from dialogue). So the chief function appears to be to alert the reader that he may want to have a look at a given post. Whether this in and of itself is enough to hook the casual consumer and expand DMP's readership is shall we say an interesting question.

    Barrel Of A Pencil

  11. Just a technicality:
    Reactions. Maybe it is my computer settings – but I have the opportunity to check the box every time I visit the site. This feature seems rather meaningless – I could give Dave wrong impressions through my Reactions . The feature obviously doesn’t keep track on who is reacting?
    The embedded comments are easier for me – I like them.

  12. Wait... is this blog about mechanical pencils or comment formatting? Well, personally I like embedded comments the best, so they are somehow attached directly adjacent to the blog post itself, so you can read both the comments and the post at the same time (since they often refer to each other).

    I came here by chance from, all 'bout erasers. I recently wrote a very limited - not so detailed review - of my own very few mechanical pencils... and couldn't help leave a comment here.

  13. My open mind has now closed. Gone off Reactions so I'll disable them.