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Old and Vintage Items for Sale or Swap.
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Click on images to enlarge.  If you are interested in anything on this page then contact me and get the details of the pencils condition, etc and we can talk about doing a really good win-win deal. I'm cheaper than ebay :)
Tray 1
Left to Right
4 x Scripto (first 3 the same model), 3 x Sheaffer (3rd one is rolled gold ringtop), 4 x Conway Stewart (first 2 are Nippy #3)

Tray 2
Left to Right
1 x Sterling Silver English hallmarked JM&Co, 2 x Yard-O-Led Diplomats ([Sold]sterling silver hallmarked and rolled gold), 2 x Onoto, 3 x Parker (I think first one is a Victory, then a 61 and a 45), 2 x Eversharps (silver plated English repeater, gold filled Canadian model), 1 x Burnham

Some more

2 x Wyvern in a case

Sheaffer in a case

Fyne Point in a box with instructions

Eversharp, sterling silver English hallmarks, in a box

Keychain penknife/pencil set. Blades are marked Imperial, Prov, RI, USA. Mini-pencil pulls out of holder.

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