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2 x Vintage propelling pencils from prestige British manufacturer Onoto. 

Both are 1.18mm lead, and lead advances and retracts in both of them. 

Top pencil in burgundy marble is marked as "ONOTO THE PENCIL". Some brassing on pocket clip. 

Bottom black one simply has Onoto on pocket clip. Some discolouration and scuffing on tip and centre-ring 

2 x Wyvern propelling pencils in this interesting hard plastic case

2 x vintage Conway Stewart. Condition not great. Both pencils work - lead advances from twist mechanism. 
Black pencil barrel imprint "NIPPY" 
Maroon pencil barrel imprint = "DURO-POINT" 

Faber-Castell Progress 25 FP/MP set. I believe from the 1960's-70 but I'm not an expert on that. Pen and pencil have been used but are in good visual condition.

Scripto, good condition

3 x Scripto NOS condition, model K780 I think

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