For Sale - $33 Mixed Bag

If you are interested in buying then please email me. You can get my address by viewing My Profile in the sidebar About Me section.

Here's how it works. For US$ 33  (including postage, but excluding any import taxes at your end) you select 10 pencils from this page. You select the 10 according to the following rules.

Up to 1 from Group A.
Up to 4 from Group B or up to 5 if you did not choose anything from Group A.
Up to 10 from Group C.

Unless stated otherwise, all of these are from my collection, are 5 - 20 years old, and are in excellent condition. Many have never been used and the others have only been used a little bit.


Faber-Castell emotion
Parker Urban
Lamy Al-star graphite
Lamy Logo
Lamy Vista
Pilot KICPA pen/pencil set in case (See blog article. This set is pre-owned but very good condition, apart from the case)


Pentel Tradio
Ohto Tasche
Tombow Onbook
Faber-Castell TK Fine Executive
Staedtler graphite 779 (black)
Staedtler graphite 779 (blue)
Staedtler mars micro
Staedtler 925
Staedtler Triplus (unopened blisterpack retail pack with spare leads)


Avery Nexgrip ballpoint pen
Avery Double Click multi pen/pencil
Pantone - colour multiverse
Pantone - colour Maize
Zebra #2
Ohto auto sharp (Sorry, no longer available)
Ohto sharp APS-280P (yellow/white wooden body, slightly bowed)
Ohto Sharp APS-280E (wooden body)
Ohto slim line sharp SP-5A3 (0.3mm)
Pilot Progrex BeGreen
Pilot Dr Grip 0.5mm
Tombow LZ 0.5mm
Platinum olenu
Eberhard Faber EFAmatic
Uni alpha-gel HD shaka shaka


Stefano said...

Lots of interesting pencils and a very good deal!

Matthias said...
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Kiwi-d said...

Matthias - my apologies, very sorry, I accidently hit the "Delete comment" button and deleted you.

Matthias said...

Here's my comment again (from my clipboard, I put it there because I had problems with comments in the past, because of problems with the Captcha.)
Oh, this is so cool and there are so many pencils I wanted to try for a while!
Could I buy the following?
Parker Urban
Pentel Tradio
Ohto Tasche
Tombow Onbook
FC TK Fine Exec
Pantone multiverse
Pantone Maize
Ohto slim 0.3
Tombow LZ 0.5
EF EFAmatic

kiwi-d said...

Email me😀

Evan, Canada said...

Those are some great picks Matthew, the Urban and Tradio I was eyeing.

@Dave if this has been asked before sorry, but how do you store/display etc your entire collection?

Kiwi-d said...

Hi Evan
Well, storage and display is definitely a problem for me, the least satisfying thing about my collection. There are a few blog posts about it, e.g.
Of course recently that's also why I've started doing this

So most of the collection is essentially hidden away in drawers, etc. I need to start rotating whats out on display.